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A work-in-progress, cross-platform roguelike written in C++ using SDL2 and OpenGL.



Dependencies: SDL2, Lua53, glm, and glbinding


Install the dependencies using your favorite package manager and then use cmake.


I heavily recommend you to use vcpkg to install the dependencies. When you’ve done that, either use cmake or the included solution to build with visual studio.

Future plans


  • Main menu
    • Character creation
    • Settings menu
    • Data editors?
  • Dungeon generation
    • Generate rooms & corridors
    • Place entrance & exit
    • Place enemies
    • Prefabs
  • Items
    • Inventory
    • Consumables
    • Equipment
  • Data-driven AI
  • Lua scripting
    • Data Loading
    • Item effects
    • Status effects
    • Dialouges?
    • Spells/Skills